Tegestacín, S.L., has a modern processing, manufacturing and packing plant for milk and dairy products in Outeiro de Rei, Lugo, Spain, formerly a factory of Leche Pascual.

The plant has the capability to unload and clean up to 125.000 litres per of cisterns’ interior distributed on 5 lanes of 25.000 litres each.

With 3 lines of thermisation/pasteurization with a capability of 40.000 litres per hour each, we total up to 120.000 litres per hour, including automatic skimming.

Cream pasteurization in 2 lines with a capability of 5.000 litres per hour each and storing of cooled cream in 3 tanks of 30.000 litres each with refrigerated jackets.

Our storing capacity in breather tanks is 260 000 litres, and our storing capacity in standardized tanks is of 1.8000.000 litres.

The manufacturing and packing UHT plant can pack more than 700.000 litres per day of raw milk in three UHT lines, with 7 packing and grouping lines, palletization robots and shrink-wrap film packing machines.
The storing capacity for finished product amounts for 8.000.000 litres.