Brik Tetra Slim 1L. Packing

TeGestacín, S.L. facilities have the capability to pack up to 700.000 litres per day in Tetra Slim 1 L format, with or without Helicap23 cap, with one-step opening, under IFS, v6 certification.

TeGestacín, S.L. has certified its Level 3 Specific Self-control System for 3rd Countries Exports (SAE), being able to provide you with coverage for the specifications sheets that you may require.


We process over 70 million litres per year from our Galician dairy farmers. We have our own logistic infrastructure, which allows us to offer effective transport solutions for short, medium and long distance.

We select the best professionals to collect the raw materials that we use. We conduct strict hygiene controls on every cistern.

Over 70 million litres processed annually.


Upon entering at our facilities, the milk is subjected to strict quality controls by our technicians before unloading. We check temperature, acidity, stability and inhibitor levels, as well as its physicochemical composition with spectroscopic FTIR equipments. We also take samples to the LIGAL, a independent laboratory, for testing.

Once the Quality Department authorizes unloading, the milk gets any air removed, it’s filtered and transferred to breather tanks at a temperature of 3-4ºC. Without Quality’s approval, the milk is discarded.

All the information about the cistern’s origin, and the dairy farmers whose milk contains, is download to our database through the PDAs of the drivers. This information shall accompany the product throughout the whole process, providing a permanent and complete traceability of the raw materials’ origin.

After unloading, our authorized cleaning centre certifies that the cistern is ready for the next transportation.

We check and certify the quality of every load.

Storage in breather tanks

The milk, until it is normalized, remains in breather tanks at a temperature of 3-4ºC.

It undergoes hourly temperature, acidity and stability controls to make sure the right conditions are maintained during storing.

Our breather tanks have a capacity of 260.000 litres.


In the normalization process the milk isstandardized according to the pre-established specification for each of the varieties to pack.

After undergoing a slight heating, raw milk goes through the automatic skimming machines, adjusting the fat content of whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk. The cream obtained via centrifugation, can be dispatched as bulk cream or packed as cooking or whipping cream.

During the normalization process we carry out thorough controls to assure the quality of the final product.

Storage in silos

Standardized milk is stored on silos with a capacity of 1.800.000 litres.

Cream is stored is jacketed silos with a capacity of 90.000 litres.

Silos are subjected to strict hourly quality controls on which, besides temperature, acidity and stability, their physicochemical composition is checked to make sure it matches the standard specifications.

Once the Quality Department considers that the silo is apt, the milk can be packed.

We can store in silos around 2 million litres under permanent quality monitoring.

UHT Treatment

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) makes reference to the process by which the milk is sterilized by subjecting it to high temperatures. This treatment makes possible the extension of the lifespan of the brik for months without using any preservatives.

Tegestacín, S. L., employs the most respectful treatment for the qualities of the raw material: Spring Water Vapour Direct Injection. This procedure consists on the sterilization of the product by direct contact with spring water vapour at more than 150ºC during a few seconds. This way, milk does not only keep all its nourishing properties, but also the flavour of fresh milk. Our milk tastes like milk.

Our UHT treatment is based on the spring water vapour direct injection.


We have a modern room for packing composed by 7 TBA21 packing machines with the capability to aseptically pack up to 47.000 litres per hour in Tetra Slim 1L format.

We have 7 capping lines, compatibles with Helicap23 cap, with one-step opening, and packing machines compatibles with several models of tray and closed box of 6 and 12 units.

During packing, statistical controls of the quality of the final product are conducted; assuring that production respects the established specifications.

After packing, the product is not released until it passes a long list of tests applied by the Quality Department, comprising aging tests at room temperature as well as at incubation temperature. We are permanently testing to check the real lifespan of the brik.

All the records stored throughout the manufacturing process enable a perfect traceability from the brik to the cow. That guarantees a quick reaction should there be any variation on the parameters that we conside essential, in order to maintain the excellence we are known for.

Our packing lines can pack up to 47 000 litres per hour in Tetra Slim 1L format.

Palletization, storing and shipping

TeGestacín, S.L., has robots for automatic palletization in Euro-pallet or in half-pallet, and a warehouse with capacity for more than 8.000.000 briks, all of that traced with a modern system of RFID automatic tagging.

We have a large loading dock where we can load up to 4 trailers simultaneously.

Palletization is robotized and our warehouse has capacity for 8 million briks. The product is not released until it is approved by the Quality Department after extensive tests of the process.