Leche concentrada por evaporación

We have a three effects concentrator of descending flow, with direct injection pasteurizer upon entry and vacuum evaporation

We have the following capability:
  • • Concentration of 10.000 litres of skim milk per hour, producing 2.500 litres of concentrated milk per hour.
  • • Two breather tanks of 80.000 litres and posterior storing in two silos for concentrated milk of 30.000 litres each.

Concentrated milk via ultra-filtering (UF)

Ultra-Filtering (UF) plant for skim milk concentration and subsequent drying for obtaining MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate).

  • • Concentration factor from 1.35 to 6 .
  • • Entry caudal of up to 20.000 litres per hour
  • • Concentrating caudal between 3.000 and 12.000 litres per hour.
  • MPC50 (50% of protein out of total solids)
  • MPC56 (56% of protein out of total solids)
  • MPC70 (70% of protein out of total solids)
  • MPC80 (80% of protein out of total solids)

Skim milk

Skimming capability up to 120.000 litres per hour.

. Following customer’s specifications and presenting it in different formats.

Industrial cream

Pasteurization in two lines of 5.000 litres per hour and storing of refrigerated cream on 3 tanks with refrigerated jacket of 30.000 litres each.

Cream following customer’s specifications and presenting it in different formats.

Brik packing of milk

High capability of UHT packing. The plant has 7 packing lines with the capability to produce over 700.000 litres per day of milk in brik.

  • UHT lines: 3 thermal treatment lines: up to 69.000 litres per hour.
  • Packing lines: 7 TBA 21 Slim LT packing machines: up to 7.000 litres/hour per line
  • Grouping lines: 8 Prasmatic groupers and 2 Baumer groupers: 7000 litres per hour each
  • Palletization lines: 5 robots: between 18.000 to 21.000 litres per hour each.
  • : 3 shrink-wrap film packing machines: 30/40 pallets per hour each. 1 shrink-wrap film packing machine outside of the line: 30/40 pallets per hour